Selling home

When you decide to take the step to sell your home, I am here to help.  I have a comprehensive marketing plan that will allow your home to be seen by thousands of prospective buyers.

Pricing your home right:

I will create a custom marketing plan with an effective price. Pricing your home right will generate competitive offers and drive up the sale value. My marketing plan will take into consideration the most actively searched prices and home values in your area.

Internet marketing and the right exposure:

I will utilize the MLS, open houses neighborhood advertising and the internet to get your home the most exposure possible to all prospective buyers. More the 80% of buyers look on the web first when they start their home search. 

Financing your hew home:

If you are looking for a pre-approval to finance your first home or whether you are a current homeowner looking to refinance your existing home…I can help. 

The Financing Process:

Credit check – First your lender will pull your credit score.  This will determine if you are a qualified borrower and will also to determine if there are more loan offers to present to you. Just know, the lender may often pull your credit again just before you close escrow.  Refrain from making any large purchases or major changes prior to you seeking financing, as thi scan lower your credit score and affect your buying power.

Short Sale:

A short sale is when a mortgage lender voluntarily agrees to accept less money than what the borrower owes on the mortgage loan. This is advised for homeowners that need to sell, owe more than the home is worth and are having a challenging time keeping up with their mortgage payments.