Richard Jaross, Oceanside CA.

We love the house and the neighborhood Chantalle helped us buy. Being new to the area, (from Pennsylvania), we relied on her for advice as to the towns and areas we should be looking at. We knew what kind of house we wanted and they were in short supply. Chantalle did a great job in steering us to areas where the houses were in our price range, neighborhood was desirable, and the climate was what we were looking for. Once we found the house, Chantalle guided us through the buying process and we now our enjoying our house immensely. She was an invaluable asset for us.

Dixie Perez, Oceanside CA

Superb customer service and very knowledgeable of the current real estate market. We had the best experience with Chantalle as she was with us every step of the way.

Verina Ditalo, Poway CA

When my husband & I started discussing the possibility of owning a home, we didn’t expect that 2 weeks later we would be in escrow!  It was by chance that we met Chantalle & from the first conversation, we knew instantly that she was our Girl!  She made herself available no matter the time, the method of communication or the duration of the conversation.  She entertained every question & idea we had & offered her professional & sometimes personal opinions.  Within a week of going through online listings, we scheduled a day to tour about 6-7 homes & by the 2nd house, we had found our home!  Chantalle was always friendly, always honest & on her game!  She made the process so seamless & kept everything on track.  She made sure to always ask us how we were feeling & strived to make us feel the most comfortable about the decisions we were making.  We will definitely work with Chantelle again.  She’s part of our family & definitely a part of our HOME!!!  Thank you so much Chantelle & The O’Donnell Group, you’ve exceeded our expectations & have made lifelong Clients & Friends 🙂

Jeff Gaughan, Chula Vista CA.

2 years prior to contacting Chantalle to be our real estate agent, she had actually helped us find a house to rent even though she wasn’t even a property manager. While looking for a house to rent in Chula Vista, we ran into Chantalle and had explained to her that we were looking to rent for our first year before buying in Southern California. She helped by providing us a couple of websites and giving us information about neighborhoods even though she knew there was no sale involved for her. I always remembered that and two years later when we were ready to buy we called her. Interestingly, the dream house that she helped us find was literally right next door to the house that she had just closed on two years before when we had first met her. I could go on and on, but simply said, Chantalle is the best and we were very fortunate to have had her as our agent.

Glenn Martinez, Escondido CA

I had the pleasure of working with Chantalle to make the purchase of my first home. She made herself available and was very patient with me over the course of about a year. We saw numerous homes until I was finally able to decide on the one I am currently living in. Chantalle was very professional and also gave recommendations of inspectors, home loan specialists and insurance companies that were willing to help me and my family. There was no pressure to select anyone in particular, but the help was there if needed. I appreciated that because you can tell she has built relationships with good people that want to help home buyers and also keep their business going by word of mouth and excellent service. I would recommend Chantalle to anyone interested in buying a home. She is very knowledgeable and friendly and she cares about what you want and not selling you just any home. She wants you to buy the home of your dreams.

Ronnie Wakeley, Murrieta CA

My family and I were coming from NC to CA and Chantalle started emailing and calling me with anything and everything there was and what I needed to know before I even knew what I wanted or needed to know. Very driven she found what I wanted and took care of everything to get me the house I wanted plus more and I will definitely recommend and use her again if I get the chance. I had the house inspected, checked on, painted, fixed all before I even moved to the state. So nice, so knowledgeable and I can definitely think of her as not just my Realtor but my friend. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Ron Wakeley

Caye and Patty Guardado, Ramona CA

We have known Chantalle since 2010 when we bought our first home. 5 years later I had to sell and buy a home within a 40 day window and she got it done. Now we had to sell our second home since I got stationed overseas and again she did an amazing job selling my home in just 3 days. She not only made the process easy for us bit she was able to acquire bids $20k above our asking price. Knowing and working with her for so long has been an absolute pleasure. Hopefully once my tour is over I can come back to California and one of the first things we’re going to do is contact Chantalle and look for our next home.